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Who We Are

At FINOSEC we know that you want to be confident when it comes to your bank's cybersecurity.

In order to do that, you need a simple cybersecurity governance solution. The problem is that the excessive labor required for user access validation and information security oversight feels complex and can leave leaders like you feeling lost and disoriented.

We believe bankers shouldn't be overwhelmed doing manual security validation. This is why we started Finosec and offer automated platforms to make the task of governance, simple.

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Our Passion

We care about you...

Financial institutions have several significant challenges converging on them: Mega Banks, Regulatory Expectations, and Cyber Threats. Finosec is passionate about community banking, and all of our services are designed to help your financial institution manage these evolving threats.

Our Vision

We exist to simplify cybersecurity for you...

● Automate Manual and Labor-Intensive Tasks
● Streamline your IT and Cyber Exams
● Reduce Your Exposure When Your Institution is Compromised

Our Process

Designed for financial institutions, our platform and services are designed to perform the heavy lifting on cybersecurity and information security management. Our five-step process of simplifying cybersecurity management focuses on customer information, movement of money, vendor management, minimizing employee risks, and governance.

Getting access to our time-saving platform is simple:

1. Request A Call
2. Receive A Customized Solution
3. Experience Stress-free Cybersecurity

If you’d like to reduce cybersecurity liability while also having confidence in exams and audits, request a call today. And in the meantime, view our demo so you can finally stop wasting countless hours, doing manual reviews, and get a proven blueprint for banking cybersecurity governance.

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Our Leadership Team

  • 2 decades of experience listening and learning from financial institutions.
  • Has overseen the creation of Governance Automation Platforms (G.A.P).
  • Incomparable view of how to best serve financial institutions with ever-developing strategies and business innovation.  
  • Has been in Information Technology leadership for the past two decades, including serving as Cybersecurity Manager at a $1.8 billion dollar community bank.
  • Has a unique lens into the struggles financial institutions face in handling information security and IT governance.
  • Has first-hand knowledge, expertise and passion for team building that fuels his drive to build automated solutions.
  • Has a unique ability to integrate technology, process and strategic thinking to everyday business challenges.
  • Is an entrepreneur and innovator with over 15 years experience in the financial technology industry, solution design, and business development.
  • Has a passion for helping financial institutions reach the next level by enabling high performance teams and streamlining process and technology.  

Trusted By Leaders Like You

Make the task of cybersecurity simple.

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Heritage Bank
Mary Jo Jester (Heritage Bank)

“FINOSEC is so great to work with, especially during challenging times. It is so helpful to have the experts at FINOSEC always be there when we need them.”

The Way Credit Union
Jean-Yves De Lisle (The Way Credit Union)

FINOSEC has been so incredible to work with.  The portal is great and the change log has been so instrumental in our business. Our examiner even told us that she is so impressed and has never seen a credit union as organized as we are after FINOSEC was put into production.

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