Automate Overview

Building of the knowledge and prioritization in the Assess step. Let's walk you through how the Governance Automation Platform automated manual tasks.  

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Key Modules Included in Automate:

  • Automated Risk Assessment
    1. Leveraging the data in the System Map and IT Controls
    2. Video for the System Map Deep Dive
  • Policy Drafts, Approvals, and Periodic Updates
    1. Information Security Program
    2. Incident Response Plan
    3. Vendor Management
    4. Acceptable Use for Employees
  • Board Reporting and Training
    1. Annual Board Report
    2. Quarterly Board Training
  • Program Tracking
    1. Change Management with Approvals
    2. Incident Response Tracking
    3. Exception Tracking with Approvals
  • Exam and Audit Reporting
    1. Simplified Exam and Audit Reporting

Simple Steps

Managing Cybersecurity Governance doesn’t have to be complicated.   Our simple steps enhance both the efficiency and effectives of your cybersecurity governance program.
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Additional Add-Ons


  • Empower your team with additional guidance via questions to our cybersecurity coaches via tickets and email
  • Access Summary Vendor Reviews via the Vendor Library


  • Empower your team with guided one on one sessions with our cybersecurity experts

User Access

  • Simplify User Access Management 

    User Access

Learn more about how the Governance Automation Platform can help simplify your cybersecurity governance.

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Access Rights Management

Document, audit and easily validate employee access rights.


Information Security Governance

Easy to use tools and reporting that track the status of your information security program.

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A Governance Automation Platform that saves you time and enhances exam preparedness.