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What is FINOSEC Forward?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our organization is our commitment to paying it forward in both our community and our customers' communities. Here at Finosec we believe that we use our God-given talents and professional passions serving financial institutions to accomplish a much larger purpose by serving others.

Our initiative, Finosec Forward, is exactly that, our commitment to focus on others first.  We invite our partners, clients, and relationships of any kind to help us make a difference.

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Charity Of The Month

Wythe Refuge and Mercy House

​Unlike most shelters, Wythe Refuge and Mercy House is designed to help women keep their children while they learn the life skills they need to make a better life. WRMH was born out of Sharon’s faith in the Lord. “It was at revival,” she recalled. “The Holy Spirit hit me, and it was on after that.” 

Since 2016, WRMH has helped numerous women gain control of their lives and keep their children in the process.

Wythe. Mercy House

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