Our Simple User Access Solution

Our User Access solution simplifies the manual processes that rely on legacy financial systems, and helps validate that you are managing to least privilege to save you time and to give you confidence.

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Program Tracking

  • Exam Readiness Dashboard and executive Reporting
  • System Mapping
  • User Access Review Dashboard and Oversight Reporting

User Access Reporting

  • Employee List for System Access and Exception Validation
  • System Master List User Access and Permissions
  • System Based Privileged Access Reporting
  • System User Changes – Summary Reporting

User Access Reviews

  • Audit/Exam Documentation
  • Review Progress Tracking, Notes, and Flags


Gain Powerful New Benefits


Validate Systems

Validate all systems, permissions and increase team efficiency.

Simplify Least Privilege

Focus on highest risk permissions and validate who has access to these functions.

Streamline Reporting

You can generate the reports you need for audits and regulatory reviews faster and easier with user access. Help your team avoid endless tedious manual reviews.

Save Time

Our clients sliced the time it takes to complete user access reports by an average of 322 hours per year.

Leaders Experiencing Peace Of Mind

100+ financial systems supported

11+ million user permissions reviewed

“Before implementing user access reporting with Finosec, our team performed manual reviews of access rights in our financial systems. These manual processes were time consuming and we could only review the bare minimum. After implementing Finosec’s User Access Reporting solution, we have increased our effectiveness and thoroughness of the reviews and have we reduced the amount of time required.”

“We experienced over 90% growth in assets and the operational pains associated with that, and yet with Finosec's help, we had some of our best exam results to date. ”

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